Monday, November 17, 2008

What makes you yell YIPPEE?!

If you are here reading this (and sharing the thrill of Albert the joy dog!) you are meant to find something - anything - to get your happiness quotient apumping NOW!
Here are 5 easy possibilities ... share your own via the "Comments" button below.
1. Get connected. Call your best friend for a chat over a virtual cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.
2. Get physical. Pull on a comfy scarf and take a brisk walk/skip around the block. Enjoy the sun on your face, sniff the scents of leaves letting go ...
3. Get wet. There is nothing as extravagant as a hot bath in the middle of a day ...
4. Get chocolate. A nibble of the BEST dark chocolate you can find!
5. Get funny. Who always makes you laugh? Call him or her. Turn your T.V. to a Seinfeld, Friends or Kramer episode. For a quick on-line funny click here to read today's strip of Pooch Cafe:
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