Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why Was I So Tired?

The whole story is (I've told parts of it here and there) is that I was engaged to THE Love of my life - living in a beautiful home - Loved by friends, family and my dog Velvet AND so tired all the time. It just didn't fit.

Where was the joy, the happiness, the fun I had expected to feel? Why couldn't I get up in the morning? Why couldn't I wait to get back to bed? Why didn't anything I knew how to do - fast, eat spinach, work out - do what it used to do i.e. energize me!

Oh - I'd have bursts of energy. Like after 6-7-8- pm. Or, here and there - surely anyone can manage their lives based on "here & there" bursts of energy! Yeah right!

Well - I have to run now to Pilates. Check back soon - this tale will continue all the way to a very happy, very energized ending. Ending? No, I am still alive so it cannot be an ending. hmmm. Will think of better way to put that.

Until then ...

An interior is the natural projection of the soul.
-Coco Chanel