Thursday, February 28, 2008

STOP. Ask for help ...

Energy Tip # 6. STOP. Ask for help.
You don't have to do everything all by yourself. Do you?

Have you heard the saying, "Pride goeth before the fall?" Loosely interpreted it means you may fall flat on your face if your need to "look good" gets in the way of your body's right to "feel GREAT."

Don't know about you, but I have been far too slooooow to ask for help. Somewhere I learned that needing help was a sign of ... (click here for more)

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Health Quote - Growing older can be ...

"Growing older can be a wonderful adventure, so long as you remember that the operative word is 'growing' " -unknown

Yesterday I grew in spite of myself. I didn't want to go to the gym, but I did. Somehow I ended up in a Qigong/Tai Chi class. I had always wanted to experience Qigong - Years ago I watched one of my best Friends, who could barely move or breathe, use it to come fully back to life. Not to sound cliched but her transformation was like "night to day."

It was challenging - an adventure. By the end of it my breathing was fuller, my back had stopped aching and I felt full of energy! It gave me a splash of "V" for variety in my exercise routine. I walk a lot which is great BUT I've been needing something new and cool.

The gym I just joined also has classes in Jujutsu, Kickboxing, YogaFlex, Partner Yoga (do ya think Michael will go for that?!), Zumba (Latin dance & music) Hip Hop, Fit Fusion, Cycling, Swimming and Saunaing. (I made that last one up ...!)

So, I plan to grow and play physically this winter/spring. What about you? What do you do to shake things up?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Clutter is exhausting. Tips to Get Rid of It ...

Holding on to stuff - whether it is in your closet or in your head is exhausting. The aggravation is that drip, drip, drip -- the pebble in the shoe that annoys, stresses and distracts you from the relaxing pleasures in life. I like this article by my friend Ramona who is an organizing pro - hope you will too and do visit her site and get the help you need from products and professionals who will come to your house and take you by the hand ... - Viveca

By Ramona Creel

When most of us think of clutter, we think of a physical mess -- A stack of paper on the desk, a pile of clothes on the closet floor, a garage we can't fit our car into. But clutter extends beyond your surroundings and insinuates itself into your personal life. Clutter is anything EXTRANEOUS or unnecessary -- anything that takes up time, space, energy, or money without giving you a tangible result. You've learned how to clear out the "junk" in your home and office -- now let's talk about cleaning out your personal life.


Take a look at your calendar and your "to-do" list -- how much of what you have written down is critical to your survival on this planet? Very little, I'm sure. How many of your appointments involve something that you dearly love to do. A great deal, I hope -- but if you're like most people, probably not. Unfortunately, most folks' schedules are filled with external obligations -- things that you have promised other people. "I have to pick up my kids from soccer practice." "I have to attend committee meeting." "I have to, I have to, I have to." Guess what -- you don't have to! You only have to do what you decide to do. If you don't want to do it, say NO.

I'm not suggesting that you turn completely selfish -- compromise is an important part of maintaining civil relations with those around you! I'm merely suggesting that you be very judicious about what you put in your schedule. Get rid of that knee-jerk reaction of saying "yes" every time someone asks you to volunteer. It's all a matter of training the people around you not to automatically expect you to participate.


Didn't realize you could have clutter in your finances, did you? Take a look at your spending patterns -- do you see any money leaks? Money leaks are places where your hard-earned dollars are slipping away without you even realizing it. Your money leak could be buying snacks at work -- or late fees and interest charges that accumulate when you forget to pay your bills -- or groceries that go bad before you get a chance to eat them.

Try keeping track of every penny you spend for the next month -- that includes personal items, business expenses, snacks, whatever. This may sound hard, but it's not bad if you get into the habit of carrying a small notebook with you. At the end of the month, take a look at your expenses -- you'll be surprised to see where your money goes. Once you say, "My gosh, I had no idea I spent so much on magazines!" you know how to curb your money leaks.


This is always a hard one. People feel trapped in relationships that are "less than fulfilling" for so many reasons -- low self-esteem, fear of change, habit, or just because it's easier than leaving. But most people stay in difficult relationships for one simple reason -- because they never stopped to think that they had another choice.

And I'm not just talking about seriously dysfunctional relationships -- ones involving substance abuse or screaming fits or violence. You might have a friend who complains about her life every time you're together. Or a family member who borrows money and never pays you back. The point is, you're not getting enough positive return out of the arrangement -- and something has to change.

So let's do the old "Keep," "Get Rid Of," and "Not Sure" with your relationship. "Keep's" are pretty clear -- those near and dear to you. "Get Rid Of's" might be a bit harder -- but you need to learn when to call it quits. If you can't think of anything good about the relationship, ask yourself why you really need that person in your life. The "Not Sure's" are those mixed relationships -- some things are good and some are intolerable. Your job is to present your concerns to the other person. Set up some RULES -- this certain thing has to happen more/less for this relationship to work. And be open to discussing the other person's rules as well. If you can reach a mutually satisfying agreement, dandy. If not, they go into the "Get Rid Of" pile.


Employment has become a institutionalized form of slavery in our modern society. Why do we feel we have no say over our work environments? That we just have to take what we get? Again, most people "put up with" their job situation because they never think to do otherwise. What kind of clutter could you clear out AT WORK -- cutting down on unnecessary meetings? Reducing the number of reports you have to generate? Handing a few of your menial duties off to an administrative assistant?

What do you think would happen if you approached your boss with a list of suggestions (in a pleasant and professional way, of course)? Would you get fired -- or would your employer take time to consider your needs? If you would get fired, maybe you don't need that job! It's worth a try, anyway. And if you're self-employed, pretend that you are taking a list of concerns to your boss -- would you look at your job duties any differently if you worked for someone else? Why don't you treat yourself at least as well as you would treat an employee?


We saved the most challenging area for last! How much "junk" do you have floating around in your head, littering your thoughts? People don't stop to think about emotions as clutter -- because they aren't tangible. But guilt, jealousy, anger, and unreasonable expectations of what we can accomplish in a day eat up as much of our time and energy as other forms of clutter.

Think about the last time you had something heavy on your mind -- did you get much work done that day? I'll bet that every time you set out to accomplish a task, you were distracted by your thoughts. The only way to make these bad boys go away is to become CONSCIOUS of them. Pay attention when your mind strays to some unproductive and negative emotion -- and make a concerted effort to let it go. This will take some practice -- awareness of your mental state doesn't happen in a day -- but it will pay off in the end.


Ramona Creel is a Professional Organizer and the founder of -- offering "a world of organizing solutions!" Visit for organizing products, free tips, a speakers bureau -- and even get a referral for a Professional Organizer near you. And if you are interested in becoming a Professional Organizer, we have all the tools you need to succeed. If you would like to reprint this article, you may do so as long as you include this full resource box (Copyright Ramona Creel).


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Insomnia and Fatigue - Fatigue and Insomnia - A vicious cycle ...

Insomnia and Fatigue ... While updating a couple pages here today I was reminded of my old enemies, insomnia and fatigue. See I haven’t had a problem with either in quite sometime - that’s why I had to be reminded. They used to rock and rule my life.

Are you caught up in this vicious cycle of can’t sleep well at night & don’t want to get up in the morn? This link may be your first step to recovery. It starts with the letter M …

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Float like a butterfly ... Color is powerful.

Wow. This "float like a butterfly" photo is absolutely stunning. Click here to see it for yourself. This color combination is powerful and energizing. Today wear something yellow or pink or orange and notice how you feel ...

Then, report back!

PSST. You just stepped in poop.

What in the world does dog poop have to do with fatigue? Well, when you're tired all the time your senses start to dim, starting with your sense of humor. It becomes a vicious circle. The more tired you are, the less you laugh. The less you laugh the more tired you are. The more tired you are - the less you laugh - the less energy you have to care about yourself and others.

I invite you to take a break. I invited you to have a belly laugh or two or three AND share it with your 13 favs.

How? My brother Richard and I are selling the "Barker's Dozen Friendship Cards" to raise money for spaying and neutering pets. They also promote adoptions and volunteering ...

Each pack consists of 13 hilarious and heartfelt greeting cards. Each photo and caption is different - get ready to laugh, sigh, snort, chuckle, connect and commiserate. You may have to keep one for yourself - on your desk as a reminder to lighten up.

Finally, they are an easy way to send an "I Love You" to a friend. You're tired of just getting bills and ads in the mail - so are your friends. Cheer them up - cheer them on and you will give your own adrenals a BIG boost.

I don't know of anything more energizing then L-O-V-E. Do you?

Please click here to order your Barker's Dozen Friendship Pack from the SPCA of Fredericksburg (thru eBay.) If you would like to sell these as a fundraiser for yours, just drop me a note at

Monday, February 18, 2008

Juice Fasting - Well, juice and fruits and vegis too.

Today is Monday and I am continuing a tradition I began last Monday, juice fasting with some fruits & veggies on the side ...

Why? During my journey of recovering from fatigue one "ah ha" is the better I feel - the better I want to feel AND I have the energy to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Would you like more information on the benefits of fasting/de-toxing your system? Not only does it help clear out fatigue, but how about eliminating headaches, PMS, nasal congestion, constipation ... click here for some excellent books on the subject. (The Juice Fasting Bible, Juice Fasting and Detoxification: Use the Healing Powers of Juice Fasting to Look Young and Feel Great: The Fastest Way to Restore Your Health, Prayer and Fasting)

It also helps to have a buddy. If you would like to join in, feel free. Just add your name here in the "comments" section and check back on Mondays for a little moral boost, and a tip, an insight, a virtual hug!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WEGO Health Community - Best Resource Award!

I am excited! Our sister site,, was just recognized as "one of the best resources for information on health on the web” by the WEGO Health Community. What an honor!

The topic selected is associated with our interview with Dr. Harriet Lerner on the topic of ... Fear Anxiety and Shame. Click here to listen into this interview, 24/7.

The specific award winning resource chosen by WEGO is her exercise to help us overcome the Fear of Rejection. Have you ever been brushed by that doozy? I think it started for me when I left the womb! Fear of any kind can be exhausting, even paralyzing.

Click below for more information and for Dr. Lerner’s cool technique to put it in your rearview mirror -- for good.

To feature our Recommended Resource graphic on your site, simply copy and paste this code into your site:

Fear of Rejection

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Befriend Your Body with The Fatigue Be Gone Guide!

"When a friend's at hand you will see the light ... when your friends are there then everything's all right ..." -Elton John, "Friends"
I love my friends and totally "get" how important friendship is to my health, wealth and well-being. I have a couple "best" friends then about a dozen "close" friends. Until recently I did not count myself on either list -- but, thank goodness, that has changed.

The old me used to make sure my husband, mother and friends were eating well, taking their supplements and getting their exercise while I missed another meal, another day of Complex B and was too busy for even a twenty minute walk ... My journey recovering from fatigue changed all that. I had to change - I had to be good as good to me as I was to everyone - anyone else.

Can you relate? Most tired women can ... (how do you think we get that way?!)

Good news. It isn't hard to learn how to befriend your body, mind and spirit. That is exactly what I show you how to do in the Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide. Click here to learn more and to start getting your groove back - TODAY.

Women's Health - Take the Tired Woman Quiz

Are you a tired woman? This may sound like a strange question but so many of the women we serve didn't know they were tired!

For one thing, fatigued women tend to be Super Women over achievers! They are sooooo busy helping everyone else they lose track of their feelings - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Asking an exhausted woman how she "feels" is about as constructive as asking her about her hobbies or what she does for fun or which girlfriend she hooked up with last week. These are dead-end questions because fatigue is chip, chip, chipping away at her youth, joy, enthusiasm, simple pleasures, free time, dreams, friendships, marriage ...

Women who are tired don’t tend to have hobbies or time for bubble baths or coffee dates with girlfriends. Instead of enthusiasm they often feel overwhelmed, resentful and angry.

STOP this vicious cycle. STOP your denial. You are the only one who can help yourself AND you are here on this page because you know something’s gotta change.

Click here and please proceed directly to the Tired Woman Quiz.

PSST. First put the oxygen mask on yourself, then you can help all the people you want. Tired women tend to do this backwards, right? Been there – done that and that's how I became an expert on this Women's Health Topic!

Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Monday. I'm hungry AND full of energy.

Long ago I had a fabulous mentor. Susan Smith Jones was the head of women's athletics at UCLA and well on her way towards becoming a successful author, speaker and leader in the health and nutrition world.

I thought of her yesterday. I remembered how she led me through several cleansing fasts. (She would fast with the seasons.) She'd tell me that digestion takes a lot of energy from the body, digesting meat, dairy and fatty snacks. Last week I sorta fasted. It was a "flu fast," lasted a couple days and was thoroughly cleansing. I'll leave off the specifics.

Somehow thinking about Susan, the flu and how I want to lighten up without spending a fortune on special cleansing kits inspired me to go on a vegi and fruit cleanse today. This is the closest I can get to not eating. I am still hungry, starving, famished and fantasizing about things like pop tarts and Pizza Hut.

I will not give in. Surely I can do this for a day. Besides, urges last about 2 1/2 minutes. (Nicotine, Alcohol, Pizza Hut ...) I will just get through one urge at a time. It will soon be dawn.

See the photo? This is what I am consuming today. Apple, carrots, celery, small cup of coffee (don't need a headache), dried fruit, lots of water and some lemon in my water. I've also had a cup of green tea with honey.

PSST. Just for fun ... there is also something in this picture that does not belong ... The first person to notice it and post a comment will get a little something fun - go for it!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

If only watching T.V. would ...

If only watching T.V. would make us healthier and wealthier and re-energized and ... can you imagine how great our lives would be since most of us watch so darn much of it?! (The average American watches some 4+ hours a day.)

I am on a T.V. fast. I've been threatening my husband with it for months, but not until today have I really embraced my good/great intention.

So, just for today I haven't heard about a half dozen horrible gender and sexual conditions with symptoms that seem awfully familiar. Just for today I haven't been reminded about how close I am to having IRS problems that require a retired IRS agent, and all his contacts, to resolve. Just for today I haven't given up two to three hours of my life and received nothing but eye-strain, back pain and dirty looks from my dog who wants to go out for a walk.

Just for today I don't feel guilty about wasting my time. (I wish I could do clever things while watching T.V. but I can't. I can just watch and eat - preferably rocky road ice cream.) Just for today I am not tired of sitting on my bum and of not following my own sage advice to TURN it off and turn LIFE ON.

Whew. Do you want to join me?

I don't know how long I can last but it would be fun to have some company on this journey (besides my husband who will become my unwitting accomplice when I cancel the cable service this week. Shhhhhhh. Don't rat me out. Maybe he won't notice?)

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Easy Tips to Feng Shui Your Kitchen

I just came across this jewel of an article. bottom-line, easy, "how to" advice on setting up a kitchen that supports your health and re-energizes all of you - mind, body, spirit.

When we moved into our new home I hired a Feng Shui expert to come in and spend a couple hours with us. We spent a lot of time in the bedroom ... moved our bed away from the wall adjoining the staircase (noise, traffic, restlessness) and out of alignment with the toilet! (congestion in the lungs). I can tell you that made a HUGE difference in our comfort and enjoyment ...

We didn't spend much time with our expert in the kitchen - ran out of time & budget! But that's o.k. because this really covers it all.

Note: Getting rid of fatigue does require attention to our nutition and our enviornment both of which can collide or joyfully combine in our kitchen ...

Feng Shui Your Kitchen

The kitchen has always been the center of the home - throughout the history and in every culture. The old saying ‘home is where the heart is’, as the kitchen was the main source of fire for warmth and cooking, and indeed this was the heart of the home. Fireplaces in other rooms were a luxury, but in the kitchen, where family life, socializing, cooking and eating merged into one, they were a necessity. Click here for more -

Friday, February 08, 2008

Relax and Re-Energize with a little purring and petting

Two weeks ago I brought home a big (15 lb!) bundle of taffy colored fur called "Kitty." I've never had a cat before and Kitty is a fascinating and delightful addition to our family. (Velvet the dog, Peetie the worried cockatiel, Micheal and Moi.)

Last weekend a snippet of an article caught my attention and tonight I snuggled in to do some research on the topic of pets and how they make us healthy. A few highlights include:

* Petting cats or dogs increases feel good hormones, lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate. In other words, petting is healthy for your heart!

* Want an easy, healthy stress buster? A study shows that watching fish swim can drop your blood pressure about 15 points ...

* Want an easy does it way to relax and re-energize? “Walking is the biggest bang for our buck. Thirty minutes a day of walking will prevent many cases of diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases." -Surgeon General

Psst. Dog owners walk 79 percent farther in an average week than non–dog owners.

For the rest of this puuurfect story, click here ....

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Constipation and Fatigue. What's the connection?

"Ninety-five percent of adults have bowel movements between three and 21 times per week, and this would be considered normal. The most common pattern is one bowel movement a day, but this pattern is seen in less than 50% of people. Moreover, most people are irregular and do not have bowel movements every day or the same number of bowel movements each day."


Many years ago I was helping a teen-age boy clear up a terrible case of acne. Tried this, tried that, tried everything. Finally I ended up with him at a health food store. The manager took an interest is us and, to make a long story short, it turned out that this young man was having a bowl movement every 3 or 4 days! (Contrary to the above stat "normal" is having a bowel movement after each meal.)

Anyway, he was given herbs and immediately his body starting working properly. Not only did the acne clear up, so did his migraine headaches. This was a huge "ah ha" for me.

What does constipation have to do with fatigue?

Well ... constipation, just like fatigue, is a sign that your body isn't functioning properly. It is wake up call vs. "the way it is."

Constipation feeds fatigue, literally. Because toxins aren't being eliminated properly, they are in fact building up and demanding more of your body's energy to process and store. Yes, your body is providing rent free storage space to a bunch of crap.

Today, just do a couple things to get moving in a healthier direction. (Don't go nuts. It took time to get blocked up and it takes time to turn it around. You are probably not 12 years old, right?)

1. Add more fiber. Add a serving of brown rice at dinner. How about the Fatigue Buster breakfast tomorrow?

2. Breathe Out. Breathe In. Breath. It is not just our bodies that get backed up. It is our thinking and our feeling.

3. Suppliment your diet. Good quality and the right kind of vitamins and minerals definitely help. Here's what works for me (Psst. My minerals include lots of Magnessium which is essential for releasing toxins and sleeping well at night. )

An Ancient Chinese Proverb tells us, “If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.” If you are tired of feeling tired all the time, perhaps it's time for a new direction. The Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart e-Guide provides re-energizing solutions through simple lifestyle changes. Abundant health awaits you at

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Breath in, breath out, breath.

Relaxation Tip - Re-Energizing Technique

Breathe in and breath out ... slowly. Breath gives your blood extra oxygen which helps your body release re-energizing and relaxing endorphins. And, it is through our breath that we reconnect to spirit ...

Today be conscious of your breath. If you catch yourself holding it in or breathing tightly or shallowly, try this easy-does-it relaxation technique.

1. Close your eyes.
2. Place one palm on your heart chakra (on your left breast) and the other on your solar plexus chakra (just underneath your ribs)
3. Focus on relaxing and breathing slowly and easily. Feel the breath moving into and through your palms.

Breathe in spirit. Breathe out worries. Breathe in spirit. Breathe out ... Breathe in ... Breathe.

Your simple guide to improved health is only one click away! The Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart! e-Guide is a simple, yet powerful way to get to the root of your tiredness. Physical and Lifestyle Surveys can help you uncover energy-zapping habits. Easy fill-in-the-blank forms provide important information for your doctor. Simple re-energizing solutions can help you get back on the fast track. All can be found in Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart! e-Guide available at

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Glycemic Index - Low glycemic Food List - My new friends ...

Some of you know about my quest over this past year to help my husband get over his fatigue and chronic migraines.

Let me tell you, I am grateful for my own recovery from fatigue! It takes energy and stamina to keep track of his medications and Drs appointments and dietary upgrades and keep my head and spirits in a healthy place.

Last week we finally got the green light from his primary doc and his neurologist to go through a toe to tip of head examination. I will share with you the tests and results as they come in because they may help you or someone you love.

Did the MRI and MRA and no brain tumor is sight. Excellent. His blood sugar test which screens for diabetes was however a BIG surprise. Happy to tell you Michael is not diabetic but if we don't make changes NOW that is the direction in which he is headed. (and probably me too!)

This has me researching a new world called the "Glycemic Index" and double checking our diet. Here is the abbreviate "bottom line" for you to use to check out your own diet.

The glycemic index gives us an idea of which foods raise our blood glucose fastest and highest. Research indicates that eating a diet with a relatively low blood glucose impact can protect us from diabetes, and likely from heart disease as well. -Laura Dolson, Guide to Low Carb Diets since 2005

In my husband's case his downfall has been the additions to my healthy cooking i.e. bread, soy ice cream PLUS a major lack of exercise!

The lack of exercise crept in over the holidays and over these past months as a result of the headaches. It's been a vicious circle of not feeling well so not exercising then lack of exercise contributing to him feeling well. (His doc said the next time he has a migraine that he should put on legs weights and climb stairs until he breaks a sweat vs. sit it out.)

Anyway - Information is potential. Action is power. Today we are starting to put this information into motion. You can join in.

Today, UP your exercise whether you feel like it or not. Climb extra stairs. Get out there for a walk or head into the gym for a class. Go at your own speed. You don't have to compete. Just go.(Exercise removes sugar from your bloodstream during and after your workout. Sitting on a couch, doesn't. It is vital to heading off diabetes.)

Today, EAT UP on low glycemic foods (beans, peas, meats, fish, apples, plums) and cut out or cut down on your evening indulgences and anything "white" (white bread, rice, potatoes) Click here for an excellent list of low glycemic foods, dos and don'ts. And,

Get re-energized on a regular basis with the Fatigue Be Gone newsletter! Receive tips, tricks and tools to help you get your groove back. Subscribers also receive free reports, including our exceptionally popular "Why Am I So Tired?" and "Take Your Pulse" - a secret re-energizing shortcut. Subscribe TODAY at