Friday, May 29, 2009

ARGG & Ahhhhh with Magma Plus Greens

The ARGG part of this post has to do with the price I paid and the time I wasted to get my Magma Plus.

I shop for my supplements 99.9% of the time through eVits. Whenever I buy elsewhere I pay more. This week I bought Green Foods "Magma Plus" for $20.57. I could-have-paid $17.88 AND not wasted time in traffic AND waiting to be checked out.

Now for the ahhhhh part that goes with my wand!

I am diligently working to UP my alkaline-forming fruits and veggies. Why? Fatigue is a major symptom associated with an overly acidic diet and I want to feel my best. I also want my stressed out, carnivore husband to feel his best! Stress makes our bodies more acidic also.
Anyhuuu - "The" goal is to consume 80% alkaline-forming fruits & veggies and 20% acid-forming foods. As you can imagine, the acid forming foods tend to be delicious (fudge, breads, meats, dairy) and the alkaline selections, splashed with olive oil, lemon and a dash of salt, tend to "grow on you."

I've been struggling.

Then a health mentor told me about an easy way to up the good stuff called ... Magma Plus. SHIZam! One heaping tablespoon and I am almost at my goal. It also gives me a healthy buzzzzz. This helps me come in around 60 (alkaline) and 40 (acid) in my diet which is a huge improvement.
Get a jar for yourself. Magma Plus by Green Foods

Is now a good time to stock up on any other energy-boosting products? Shipping is free for orders under 5lbs or more than $70. I hit both easily - you can too. Here is my daily supplement list.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fatigue Cause - Poor Digestion. EB Technique – Juice Fasting!

It’s the simple things in life, like food, that can be so exhausting.

One of my favorite energy boost techniques is juice fasting. I would love some company …. read on … Post via the “Comments” if you will join me next Monday for a “Juice Only Day.

Energy Boost Technique:
Juice Fasting

My college mentor on this subject is Susan Smith Jones. Susan is a sparkling live wire who healed herself from a devastating car accident and became a renowned expert on the topic of health and nutrition.

Long story short - Susan inspired me to take a number of short and lengthy juice fasts when I was a student at UCLA. The point of a “juice only day” is to give our bodies a break and an opportunity to heal.

Everyday our bodies are so0000 busy digesting heavy foods, foods that combine poorly, artificial crude … We shovel down food when we’re angry and upset. We shovel down sweets to celebrate or comfort. Most of us can’t remember what we ate yesterday because our mouths were on auto-feed.

Sound familiar?

You can change all that one day at a time. According to Dr. Stephen Blauer, author, The Juicing Book, “By adding fresh juices to a balanced food regimen, you will help accelerate and enhance the process of restoring nutrients to chemically starved tissues. It is on these tissues that disease and illness thrive. In terms of prevention, therefore, the importance of juices cannot be overstated.”

Wow. I’m thinking about some of the stuff I ate over this past holiday and my own chemically starved tissues. Think I’ll break here and go juice up some carrots, kale and parsley.

I hope you’ll join me on Monday! Later in the week I’ll post a few juicing recipes to help you get ready. If you need a juicer, click here for an excellent buy through Amazon

BFN! Viveca
P.S. You can start hunting now for little, fun, umbrellas!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Playtime and the energizing power of F-U-N.

I keep a pack of Sonia Choquette's "Trust Your Vibes" Intuition cards on my desktop. Most days I pull a card and weave its suggestion into my daily routine. Just now I pulled the "Play" card. How appropriate. How energizing!

Last night I played. My husband and I went bowling. Neither of us scored over 100 but we had a blast. The bowling alley had special, romantic, Friday night lighting and a DJ who played 80's dance tunes. We danced and pitched and guttered and giggled.

Then we drove a block and saw the new Star Trek movie. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

Today I bounced out of bed early and ran off to the Farmer's Market with a girlfriend. We pinched and poked fruits and veggies then drove around looking at historic homes for sale, visualizing ourselves living in them and sighing ...

All this playtime and friendtime has me bipping and bopping - running high-energy, high vibes and high fun.

How do you play?
What will you play at over this weekend? Will you spend funtime, playtime with a special friend? Do share. I am always open for new ideas! Hugs to you! Viveca

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Add D - Vitamin D, that is ...

Energy Boosting & Healthy Body Building
Benefits of Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, is positively associated with regulating weight, supporting stronger bones, preventing osteoporosis, eliminating depression and protecting us against cancers including breast cancer.

I read about it 3-4 months ago and added 1000 mg to my daily routine.

Next, I mailed the article to my mother. She is borderline diabetic and has been suffering from neuropathy in her. Guess what. She doesn’t anymore. Her results inspired me to give away a couple other bottles to friends who are diabetic and not into reading, researching and taking their health on.

Vitamin D 1000 IU by Now
I love Vitamin D for all the good it does and how-cheap-it-is … Click here to order a bottle for yourself, your mom and a friend in need.

I buy all my supplements at a great discount from eVits - saves me time and gasoline too. While you are at it, click here if you would like to know the rest of my supplement routine. (adrenal support etc.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Energy Boost Recipe – Sautéed Spinach (or Kale) Delight

This recipe has three delightful qualities. One is how quickly it can be prepared – under five minutes! Two is how energizing and healthful it is and three is how umm, umm, ahhh delicious it tastes – in all its variations.

Ingredients: 3 handfuls of ready-to-go baby spinach, olive oil, * 1 pressed then finely chopped garlic clove, handful of torn parsley, pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Simply sauté everything together until the spinach wilts slightly. Eat pronto! (Serves one)

Variations: Substitute kale for spinach. Sprinkle in pine nuts or walnuts, dried cranberries, dried cherries, sun-dried tomatoes … recommended resource is healthy additions is Eat Right For Your Type.

* Crush garlic using your palm or kitchen knife. Let sit for fifteen minutes before chopping and sautéing.

Recipe adapted from article, Spinach Knocks Out Cancer and Boosts Brain Power, written by Barbara Minton.

-------------------- More Energy Boosting, Adrenal Fatigue Busting Recipes

Sparkling Cinnamon, Ginger Water. Ahhhhhh.

Pretty delicious ... (And easy)

Breakfast Energy Boost

Energy Boost Recipe -- Mom's Meatloaf

Monday, May 18, 2009

Breathe as if your life depended on it. It does.

Breathing in I calm. Breathing out I smile.
- Thich Nhat Hanh

Did you know you can boost your energy and your mood anywhere, anytime - for free? All you need to do is learn how to breathe properly.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil if we can learn to deepen, slow, quiet and regulate the quality of our breath we can do just about anything from ending insomnia, improving digestion and circulation, boosting energy, eliminating anxiety and improving our overall health.

One technique taught by Dr. Weil is called “Stimulating Breath.” This is also known as “Bellows Breath” in Pranayama. Its purpose is to raise the energy of your nervous system and increase alertness.

Stimulating Breath/Bellows Breath "How to":

Step 1: Get comfortable. Sit with your back supported and as straight as possible, your feet flat on the floor and your hands lying relaxed in your lap. You can keep your eyes open, closed or partially open – as you wish.

Step 2: Position your tongue. Lightly touch the tip of your tongue to the backs of your upper front teeth. Now slide your tongue a smidge, up to the ridge of tissue between the teeth and the pallet. Keep it there and close your mouth. In this exercise you will be breathing rapidly in and out of your nose.

Step 3: Breath in and out of your nose as quickly as possible. Do this for up to and not longer than 15 seconds. (Imagine you are trying to light a fire and are pumping a bellows, in and out, as quickly as possible.)

Step 4: STOP and notice and note how you feel

Bellows Breathing is an aerobic workout! You will feel it in your chest, ribs and abdomen. You will also feel a glow of warmth and energy throughout your body. It is a great way to start your day and to revive yourself in the afternoon after lunch.

Caution: Do this exercise in a safe, seated and comfortable position. Some people, which could include you, will feel light headed, dizzy and faint.

My Recommendation: Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing (The Self Healing Series) by Dr. Andrew Weil 2 CD Set features numerous healthy breathing techniques including: Follow Your Breath, Bellows Breathing, Active Imagination and much more. The CD is worth buying. This doc is an excellent coach who leads and participates in all the exercises. Also includes lecture parts that are fascinating.

An Ancient Chinese Proverb tells us, “If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.” If you are tired of feeling tired all the time, perhaps it's time for a new direction. The Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart e-Guide provides re-energizing solutions through simple lifestyle changes. Abundant health awaits you at

Friday, May 08, 2009

Insomnia & Fatigue Revisited.

Just got in my copy of Prevention (1-year) Magazine which included some excellent tips on how to overcome insomnia in an article written by Camille Noe Pagan. I am always researching this topic as insomnia is a major contributor to fatigue.

Here goes ...

1. Turn all of it off at least one hour before bed. T.V., telephones, blackberries, strawberries, pagers, computers … (click here for tips on how to also turn off arguments, anxieties and stress or here for a great place to vent, let go and move on!)

2. Take a warm shower or bath. Apparently your body temperature goes down after you get out and this drop makes you feel sleepy. Water also washes away the energy, arguments, excitements and attachments accumulated in the day which is why I always bathe at night.

3. Meditate or pray for 10 minutes. Start this a minute at a time. Another opportunity is a 20 minute group visualization/meditation with

4. After 6 p.m. just have one or two glasses of water and do 10 to 20 Kegel Exercises a day. If you are getting up more than a couple times a night you will love how well this duo works!

5. Try a small dose of melatonin. .5 mg 15 minutes before bed. More melatonin isn’t better, in fact and can cause nightmares and depression.

6. Sleep Apnea? Symptoms include poor sleep, snoring and being overweight. Make an appointment to talk to your doc and see if you have this problem. While you wait to get in work at losing some pounds and getting more exercise.

Someone I know and love was recently told he was “obese” and had to lose 50 lbs OR ELSE (continue to suffer from acid reflux, headaches etc.)

He lost the weight and those two conditions have tremendously improved. A couple "bonuses" are less snoring and his sleep apnea has diminished. Who would have thunk?!

7. Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side vs your back opens up airways so you’ll breathe easier, snore less and wake up feeling more refreshed.

8. Keep pets off your bed! This is tough for me! I usually have a pup and a cat or two snuggling around me and my man. I have to admit they do wake me up a couple times a night and making space for them often leaves me feeling cramped. So …. even though I don’t like the idea of pet free sleeping I may give this a try ...

Below are past posts on the topic of fatigue and insomnia. If you have any tips please add them via the "Comments" feature. You never know who will benefit from what you have to share. Thanks! Viveca

* Insomnia & Fatigue. More Lights Out Tips.
* Insomnia. If you can’t beat it LOL at it!
(Psst. The more you fight it the worse it gets.)
* Magnesium & Insomnia & Fatigue. Duh. What was I thinking?
* Nine Tips to Help Moms Overcome Fatigue
* National Sleep Foundation Facts & Stats
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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Start your journey tonight with

Several months ago I wrote that “Fatigue is a dis-ease of the spirit.”

I don’t recall if I shared this “ah ha” with you. It has been nibbling at me ever since.

A recent health crisis/opportunity pushed me to re-connect with friends and healers. Amazing discoveries and gifts of spirit have been popping up ever since! I would like to share one of them with you today. This service provides nightly, healing visualizations based on the assumption “We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves. The power of the mind is infinite. The power of desire is miraculous.”

I took my first healing journey with them last night. It was luscious! Twenty minutes flew by and today I am settling in around the insights gained. I’ll be back there tonight for round two …

Psst. This is a FREE service. What a gift! Enjoy.

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