Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is it all in your mind?

Have your tried this and tried that? Have you read this and read that? Have you been diagnosed with this fatigue only to decide it is really THAT fatigue?

Maybe it is time for you to stop the running around, second guessing and worrying.
Maybe it is time to get quiet. It was for me.

Couple weeks ago I started to get "Restless Leg Syndrome" Symptoms. I couldn't believe it! Another fatigue to deal with?! This was too much on top of too much. (I've already worked through adrenal fatigue, borderline anemia, hormones, candida and allergies.)

I confess. I was feeling sorry for myself.

By coincidence I had just received an order of Catherine Ponder books. Meta-physical, mind/body connection books. I picked up "The Dynamic Laws of Healing" and headed for the bathtub for a long, hot, soothing soak and read.

Can't tell you exactly what happened but something in me shifted. I slept like a baby that night - my legs stopped twitching and I have felt GREAT ever since.

If you have been there & done that with doctors & diet & lifestyle changes and you are still tired all the time get a copy of this book and see what it brings up for you.

The Dynamic Laws of Healing can be ordered through many places BUT I recommend that you purchase your copy through the I Am Foundation. Your purchase will be counted as a donation - you'll help yourself and a great organization.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year - NEW YOU? Take your pulse ...

Resolutions are one thing. Living up to our potential - being our best - stepping from the sidelines and into the game - taking charge of our health – Taking ACTION! That's something else. Isn’t it?

It all starts with knowing where you are - literally.

Take a moment now and "Take Your Pulse" literally and figuratively. Click here to go to the Take Your Pulse web page.

Oh, and when you're done. Take ACTION! (including forwarding this self-health opportunity to a friend.)

Happy New Year! Happy NEW YOU! – Viveca