Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Music to Soothe the Beast (Fatigue) and Raise Your Energy HIGH!

All about the amazing, re-energizing benefits of music!

I came across some fabulous information on the energizing benefits of music. This week I've been applying just a couple of the tips and that has really increased my focus and enjoyment.

For example ...

"Classical music, such as Haydn and Mozart, often improves concentration and memory when played in the background."(So I have been listening to a lot of Chopin to get through my "get out of town" workload.)

"Big band, Top 40 and country music engage our emotions and comfort us." (right on, agree)

"Ambient or New Age music such as Stephen Halpern and Brian Eno has no dominant rhythm, so it elongates the sense of space and time, inducing a state of relaxed alertness." (Yes, this is my Reiki music and I use it when I need more time to get things done.)

For the rest of the article and more information on this topic, please visit:

The Brain on Music.


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