Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Quietest Place On Earth - Boost your energy, quietly.

I am intrigued by an article about the quietest place on earth. It is called "One Square Inch of Silence" and is located in Olympic National Park in the state of Washington. Aside from the silence it is full of trees and moss and quiet little animals. Sounds heavenly. (Ode Magazine btw)

Here in my little square of silence I hear the constant hum of my laptop, snuffles and snorts from Velvet and Albert who are lying at my feet and my fingers clicking on the computer keys. And, I can hear my breath.

In a moment I will turn on my creativity music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and get into that space in my head that is both quiet, spacious and highly energized. I'll hang there as long as I can like a surfer hanging ten.

Where am I going with this?

Find a place today in your head or in your world that is quiet. Sit with it for a moment, longer if you can. Then add in your favorite energizer -- something that makes you feel happy.

Is it Mozart? Calling a girlfriend and sharing a virtual coffee? Going for a walk around the block? Nuzzling your pup? Leaping into the air three times and yelling "I'm excited!" at the top of your voice? (Try that - it really works!)

After you do please post me a note and tell me what you did and how you feel … buzzed, alive, relaxed, amazed, at peace …

Monday, August 25, 2008

Advancing Health Blog and the Glycimic Index

I just found an excellent post and indepth explanation of the Glycemic Index on the Advancing Health Blog. If this story reminds you of you do click on the link at the bottom for more information including a happy ending ...

"I was thin most of my life and then it hit me. I started gaining weight around my middle, my thighs, chest and neck. Even my face became fat! I went to my doctor and asked him what I could do. He said, "Exercise more and eat less." Well, duh! I was expecting something a little more profound than that. I followed his advice and came back in a month. When I got on the scale, I weighed MORE! How could this be, doc? He said that when I increased my exercise, it must have made me hungrier and I must have eaten more. I don't think so. When I was younger, all I had to do was think about losing weight and it would come right off (fast). Why was it so tough now? It's a simple formula, isn't it? Burn more calories than you take in. I had done that all my life and it always worked before. What had changed?

I did not know it but I had put my body on a high-glycemic roller coaster ride. For many years, it was not a problem. My body seemed to handled it just fine with no telling symptoms. Then, all of the sudden, I started putting on 10-15 pounds a year. I was always tired in the afternoon and I found that my memory was not as good as it had been before. The results of the roller coaster had finally caught up with me.

Here's how the glycemic roller coaster works." (Click there for the rest of the story.)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Regret? Now that's an energy zapper!

I just had this quote land in my inbox. Had a laugh and now I have to share! Use it to put your regrets in perspective today and set them free. I will and I'll pass it on to a few other girlfriends!

"Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience."
– Victoria Holt

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happiness Study -- Be happy live 7.5 to 10 years longer

Ah ha! We've been talking a lot here about the health and re-energizing benefits of friendship, humor, kindness and pets.

What do all these thing have in common? They make us happy.

Now a recent study indicates that happy people were more inclined to take better care of themselves, have better social networks, are more self-confident, more moderate in their behaviors and live longer, up to 10 years longer.

For the rest of the story, Be Happy Live Longer, click here!

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Perspective - How to energize yours NOW!

A post I read this morning in the Hormonal Haven Tribe reminded me of the health benefits of my usual friends -- humor, smiles, friendship and optimism. In turn I was reminded of one of my favorite sayings. The below always shifts my mind out of crisis. It can work for you too!

When you are on stage it is a tragedy.
When you are in the audience it is a comedy.

Today, I encourage you to stay in the audience! If you are not laughing, having fun and feeling energized know that you have climbed back on stage and into the drama of life. You don't have to stay there. Shift. Shift in 5 minute increments if that's how it needs to be for you today.

Please pass this on to a friend in need and thanks for visiting me today.
Psst. Do you have a special tip, tool or technique to most your energy or mode?

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Invisible Chronic Illness Week - September 8-14

For your information and please pass it on to friends or family in need of support ...

National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is held annually in September and is a worldwide effort to bring together people who live with invisible chronic illness and those who love them.

The founders are in the process of planning 4 telephone seminars Sept 8-12 (M-F) where you can call in and listen and talk to the presenter.

To get involved, to be on those calls or for more information please click here or paste this link in your URL.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Laughter Yoga - Energy Boost Tip for Today!

I started off yesterday in a state of high amusement. In fact I laughed on and off all and I felt GREAT and full of energy.

What happened? My husband Michael was squeaking when he walked! It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where George gets a new suit to impress a potential boss and his board. Did you see that? Anyway because he is chubby his thighs rub and the fabric of the suit pants made a whoosh whoosh whoosh sound that had everyone trying to figure out where that sound was coming from!

If you saw that episode you'll be chucking with me. If not, sorry "you had to be there."

Michael was squeaking when he walked because plastic badges on his lanyard were rubbing together. Today he put on on them in a pocket so I have to find something else to laugh about!

And I found it ... Laughter Yoga. This article is a short must read! Click here
Another way to boost your energy? Laugh and send it onto a friend with a Friendship Card. Click here for more fun, funny, comforting and smile generating photos.

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