Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fatigue Busting Quote - This is sooo true!

"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this — you haven't."
– Thomas Edison

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fatigue Cause Alert – MSG – Do you feel tired, depressed and achy?

The MSG fatigue culprit recently came under my radar. My dude has been suffering from migraine headaches (3-5 week.) I used to have a couple a year until my forties ... Since then I've gone up to 4 to 5 a month - not fun.

Long story short – research led me to a list of things to eliminate from our diet and lifestyle. Tippy top of that list is MSG.

Results? We are having fewer migraines, they are less severe and don’t last as long. We also really notice when it slips back into our diet via a store bought “goodie” or a reckless restaurant escapade.

My first warning sign is fatigue and feeling achy and depressed -– then comes the headache. Michael’s warning is the migraine followed by the aches, low energy and blahs. Here is bottom line info to help you check out of Club MSG.

MSG a.k.a. Monosodium Glutamate is a “flavor enhancer.” It is also called an “excitotoxin” or neurotoxin by neurologists and is believed to have degenerative and deadly effects on the brain and nervous system.

Common side effects of MSG include: Fatigue, achy muscles and joints and headaches, migraines, depression, anxiety and obesity.

Fatigue Be Gone’s Easy 1-2-3 to MSG Elimination:

1. Be Ruthless. Go through your spice cabinet, food pantry and freezer and throw away anything that lists MSG or its pals which include:

Autolyzed “anything”
Caseinate (sodium or calcium)
Citric acid
Commercial soup or sauce base
Corn byproducts: corn syrup,
Hydrolyzed “anything”
Malted barley flour
Malt extract
Monosodium glutamate
Natural flavor/flavorings
Seasonings, Spice (check ingredients for anything on this list.)
Soy, wheat, whey protein
Soy, fish, or bean sauces
Yeast extract or nutrient
And NutraSweet.

2. Shop Smart. Carry the above list with you when you go grocery shopping. Hint: Stick to the outside perimeter of the supermarket. The inner isles offer MSG and other chemical laden foods i.e. most canned soups and boxed foods, lunch foods, condiments, TV dinners and sodas. And, beware of foods sold as “heart smart” and “weight loss.” When fat and sugar are removed something needs to take those spots …

3. Dine Out Smart. Before you make that reservation call the restaurant and ask if their food is MSG Free.

Is your fatigue caused by MSG? Use the above information to completely eliminate it from your diet then notice and note how you feel over the next couple weeks . The old fashioned way of trial and error works well and is cheap to implement. You just need a memo book, a pen and a blush of resolve.

Psst. If you’re lacking resolve just remember that you are sick & tired of feeling tired AND willing to do whatever it takes to get your groove back!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

What makes you yell YIPPEE?!

If you are here reading this (and sharing the thrill of Albert the joy dog!) you are meant to find something - anything - to get your happiness quotient apumping NOW!
Here are 5 easy possibilities ... share your own via the "Comments" button below.
1. Get connected. Call your best friend for a chat over a virtual cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.
2. Get physical. Pull on a comfy scarf and take a brisk walk/skip around the block. Enjoy the sun on your face, sniff the scents of leaves letting go ...
3. Get wet. There is nothing as extravagant as a hot bath in the middle of a day ...
4. Get chocolate. A nibble of the BEST dark chocolate you can find!
5. Get funny. Who always makes you laugh? Call him or her. Turn your T.V. to a Seinfeld, Friends or Kramer episode. For a quick on-line funny click here to read today's strip of Pooch Cafe:
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Watch Your Thinking with the help of Catherine Ponder

Reminded today by a friend to watch my thoughts, my words and my focus. Truth is I have felt out of sorts for weeks now. Starting today I am taking a week “news fast.” It is an excellent time to reenergize my thinking with Catherine Ponder classics.

I started this morning with Dare to Prosper, a slim, 66 page, “bottom line” guide to physical, mental and spiritual prosperity.

Here – I can share a little with you now.

Chapt. One: The First Step To Prosperous Thinking: Creating a Vacuum To Receive
Thoughts are things and occupy “space” in mind. We cannot have new or better ones in a place already crowded with old, weak, inefficient thoughts. A mental housecleaning is even more necessary t6hat a material one.

I don’t have to dig deep to uncover unhealthy, energy sucking mental thoughts that I need to clear out. What about you?

Health Is Recovered After Release of Grudge
Again, I don’t have to dig deep! What about you? What do you need to release?

A suggested affirmation is “I fully and freely release and forgive. I loose and let go all ill feeling. Divine love produces the perfect result now.”

Form A Physical Vacuum
Paperwork, files, clothes, stuff, mess. bleh.
Yes. I have a bit of that to clear out this week and weekend!

Let Go Of Unpleasant Relationships.
I don’t know that I have an unpleasant relationship to let go of as much as I have to let go of unpleasant thoughts about a couple of relationships. I’ll journal on this and see if anything else comes up … And you?

There. That’s enough to get you (and me!) started. Why don’t you take a moment now to order your copy of Dare to Prosper, (only $7.95 through Amazon). Order 2 copies and gift one to your best girlfriend. When two or more are gathered and supporting each other the results are powerful!!!

(For your information, below is a listing of my favorite prosperity readings. It all starts between the ears and lands in our health, heart and pockets.)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Stress is Exhausting. Simple ways to ease back into easier street

I don't know about you but I am feeling a HIGH level of stress and anxiety right now. Knowing that staying stuck in this place doesn't help me or anyone I love I am getting back into my diet, mental and spiritual basics.

If you are here reading this ... you may be a stress mess too! Here, give these resources a visit. Click on whichever is calling your name and please pass this posting onto a friend in need.

Favorite Relaxation CDs -- I am listening to one now with a splash of lavender essence oil in my diffuser. Heavenly.

As A Man Thinketh (And a woman.) Much of what goes on around and outside of ourselves is out of our control. This helps bring the focus back to exactly what we can control - our thinking. Excellent.

Happiness Study -- Be happy live 7.5 to 10 years longer -- Read this then call and cheer a friend up ... you will be cheered up too!

Action - the antidote to angst. Absolutely. Take a walk, get involved with a cause, help a neighbor ...

Re-Energizing Internet Resources to Overcome Fatigue Lots of great opportunities here.

Breath in, breath out, breath. Relaxation Tip - Re-Energizing Technique