Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is your fatigue vitamin related?

One of my best friends, Craig Arnoff, just put together fantastic information about vitamin deficiencies and interactions AND how to work with the docs to get the help you need. He coached me and my husband - there is an art to this and he is an awesome coach.
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Now - a snippet about those vitamines ...

Vitamin Deficiencies and Vitamin-Drug Interactions: These effects have been well-researched but are rarely diagnosed by doctors since they don't usually test vitamin levels. A primary example is that of Co-enzyme Q10, which is responsible for cellular energy production. Most of the statin (cholesterol-lowering) drugs deplete the body of this essential antioxidant. Magnesium deficiency, which is also caused by taking antibiotics and corticosteriods, is linked to Chronic Fatigue, as are deficiencies in B-12, L-Carnitine, NADH and DHEA.
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Don't push the river ...

Don't push the river -- just jump in an enjoy the ride.

Can't remember who told me that OR if that is exactly what they said BUT you get the drift, don't you?

Let this be your reminder to take it easy and enjoy today. Start right now. O.k.?