Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Allow the goodness, abundance & joy

I needed to read this today. Maybe you do too. Well --- here it is! Enjoy and allow ...

Allow the goodness.

Whatever you allow to hold you back will hold you back. Whatever you allow to push you forward will push you forward.

There are many factors, circumstances and influences that will flow through your life. Whether each one is a liability or an asset is, for the most part, up to you.

Great disappointments and tragedies can arise out of seemingly perfect situations. And magnificent achievements can come from desperate, seemingly hopeless conditions.

What matters most is not the nature of your situation. What matters most is what you take from it and what you do with it.

Even in places and pursuits where others may have failed, you have the opportunity to succeed. Even those factors that may have held others back can be your motivation to move forward.
Many things may seem inevitable, and yet most things are really not. No matter what life may send your way, choose to use it in a positive, productive and valuable manner.

Allow the goodness, the abundance, the joy, and they will be.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

I was just refered to a cool site where they are giving away As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. This is a wonderful book that will help re-energize and change your life. Also works with how a woman thinketh ...

You can get it at Just scrolll down a little on the home page and look to the right.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Energy and Focus Mp3 Pack

This is my latest find and I am excited! Aside from the energy boosting benefits of this sound therapy product which I have been learning all about there is also the "Caffeine Alternative" which my husband really needs ... You will find that there is something for every member in your family too.

Energy and Focus Mp3 Pack
12 Quality Mp3 Downloads 441 MB total Over 5 hours worth of recordings
BONUS The Schumann Resonance Mp3 (1 Hour relaxation session, 134 MB)

Gamma Session - Isochronic Beats with Thunderstorm Sounds (14 Hz - 40 Hz, Length: 35 Minutes, File Format: Mp3, File Size: 48 MB): This is a stimulating gamma session, useful for fatigue, depression, energy, attention and cognition.

Caffeine Alternative - Binaural Beats with Water Sounds (18 Hz, Length: 20 Minutes, File Format: Mp3, File Size: 27.4 MB): This is a highly stimulating session used to replace caffeine intake. It incorporates 18 Hz stimulation with a binaural beat that slowly rises in pitch. It is based off of a protocol developed by Michael Triggs.

Click here for more information, to hear samples of the product and to place your order.