Friday, October 13, 2006

Too sweet for your own good?

Excess sugar consumption is one of the major causes of fatigue … and the list goes on from there to hypoglycemia, diabetes, heart disease and chronic tiredness.

Then - Prior to the turn of this century (1887-1890), the average consumption was only 5 lbs. per person per year!

Now - The average American consumes an astounding 2-3 pounds of sugar each week … In the last 20 years, we have increased sugar consumption in the U.S. from 26 pounds to 135 lbs. of sugar per person per year!

Wait! There’s More! In 2003, Americans consumed, on average, a dismal 8.3 pounds of broccoli and just over 25 pounds of dark lettuces (the kinds that are really good for you). Compared to the 135 lbs of sugar!!!!

Since 1950, soft-drink consumption per capita has quadrupled, from about 11 gallons per year to about 46 gallons in 2003--nearly a gallon a week per person. - Source US News, “One Sweet Nation

Now ... cutting back and cutting out sugar may not be easy BUT if you are sick & tired of feeling sick & tired, a "sugar fast" is a vital and FREE self-test. I dare you! Join me and take a week off from your little white friend … keep a journal – notice & note how you feel. Then add another week ...

Like any addiction the first 3 days are the hardest. After that comes the urges - just breathe deeply for a couple of minutes until the urge leaves and keep on tuckin' baby!