Friday, July 07, 2006

Energizing Tips from the Wild Business Women Tribe!

Here is a growing list of Energizing Tips from the Wild Business Women Tribe!

Feel free to chime in - share one of your own - or ask for support ... you are not alone!

May sound a bit radical but my tip is to QUIT! Review your life and "chores" and obligations and drop one or two of them.

Just sit still and BE for a few minutes a day. No TV, cell phone, regular phone, radio, iPod, etc.

Often we're stressed because we're on overload and trying to do too much.

Stop doing the unnecessary. Focus your time and energy and attention on those things that really, really matter -- and let the rest of it go.

- Marguerite


Start your day with coffee & comics! I read Pooch Cafe & Cathy & Mutts & ... -Viveca


Every night i take a bath that lasts for hours ... most times i wake to find that it is morning and i love it.

even some weekends i start w a bath and want to get back in during the day.

it is such a treat for me. i read and plan a lot while i soak and it is nirvana
(and my only quiet time) and preps me to continue on my journey. -Jaye

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