Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tired, and it's only Tuesday?

When was the last time you thought about or were tested for Adrenal Fatigue or Allergies or Borderline Anemia or Candida or Dehydration or Eye Strain or …

Most fatigues don’t show up on our annual physical results. And, we’re too busy in our heads to notice how are bodies feel. We say we're "O.k." or "Fine" or "Getting Along." We discount our fatigue and blame it on the holidays "everyone is tired", or staying up too late or getting up too early ... It's the worry about the wedding, the move, the new job, the newborn, his parents, , my parents, the boss, PMS …

My personal favorite … "being tired is just a natural part of getting older."

What are your favorite excuses for feeling tired today?

I used all the above plus some! Never thought I was tired - just thought that's how life went. Finally it got baaaaaaaad. You can read my story, click here.

I hit bottom and had to stop & figure out what was going on. Was it physical, emotional, spiritual?

It took me a year and half to get my groove back. Now my mission is to help other women get to their “bottom line” & re-Energize - fast. Here’s a starting point for your journey. The A, B, C, D, E, G, HHidden Fatigue” Suspects …

A - Adrenal Fatigue – Affects up to 80% of the population! If you are most tired between 3pm – 5pm AND ... click here for more

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