Monday, December 10, 2007

How to talk to your doctor

I found this step-by-step "How to Talk to Your Doctors," by About's Guide to Panic Disorder, quite complete. Right now this is exactly what my husband and I are doing! We've been working with a homeopath to help him heal from chronic migraines and acid reflux. This teamwork approach vs. fix me is working GREAT.

Here's How You Do It:

Preparation is essential. Before your appointment, write a list of all questions and concerns you have. Between appointments, keep a sheet of paper to write down questions as they come to you.It doesn't have to be a question. If you can't put a concern into question form, don't be afraid to discuss it. Just start with, "I don't understand why..." or something along those lines.

Keep a record. Keep an ongoing journal, list or simple page of notes on how you're doing -- the good and the bad. This may include side effects, new symptoms, progress, setbacks, or thoughts you have from day to day.

Keep everyone informed. Make sure all of your health providers are aware of your total treatment: including medications, the other health providers, and self-help methods.

Bring someone with you. If it helps you feel less anxious to have a friend or loved one with you, then do it. You may decide how much access you want the person to have (such as coming for the whole appointment or waiting in the waiting room).

For the rest of this checklist by Cathleen Henning Fenton, click here

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