Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Action - the antidote to angst.

Been feeling angsty lately. Do you know that feeling where nothing is right or going right or will ever be right again? That in the head spinning, fretting, fussing, tossing and turning that puts the capital "F" in Fatigue?

Then I remembered how action is the way out ... so I worked out at the gym last night, called and cheered up friends this morning and started work on a nagging project ... Oh, and I agreed to take a break from worrying about politics and a dog named Luke for the rest of the afternoon.

If you are here perhaps you too need to take a break from some energy sucking thing, thought, situation or person and get busy on anything else! Let's do it together!

Here is a link to The Serenity Prayer.. Here's another to the Benefits of Friendship and Laughter because pals and chuckles recharge adrenal glands, boost energy levels and shift our perspective on life faster than just about anything else out there. Take action. Enjoy both today!

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Kurt Kuden said...

i feel the same..
damn.. i hate holidays