Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Energy and Focus Mp3 Pack

This is my latest find and I am excited! Aside from the energy boosting benefits of this sound therapy product which I have been learning all about there is also the "Caffeine Alternative" which my husband really needs ... You will find that there is something for every member in your family too.

Energy and Focus Mp3 Pack
12 Quality Mp3 Downloads 441 MB total Over 5 hours worth of recordings
BONUS The Schumann Resonance Mp3 (1 Hour relaxation session, 134 MB)

Gamma Session - Isochronic Beats with Thunderstorm Sounds (14 Hz - 40 Hz, Length: 35 Minutes, File Format: Mp3, File Size: 48 MB): This is a stimulating gamma session, useful for fatigue, depression, energy, attention and cognition.

Caffeine Alternative - Binaural Beats with Water Sounds (18 Hz, Length: 20 Minutes, File Format: Mp3, File Size: 27.4 MB): This is a highly stimulating session used to replace caffeine intake. It incorporates 18 Hz stimulation with a binaural beat that slowly rises in pitch. It is based off of a protocol developed by Michael Triggs.

Click here for more information, to hear samples of the product and to place your order.

1 comment:

PurrPrints said...

I don't know if this is at all similar to the holosync technology employed by centerpointe, but I used that and it unfortunately appears to have done permanent damage to my left ear, even though i always listened to it at a very low volume--so be careful--i found it worked well for inducing the states it said it would, but the ear pain didn't prove a worthwhile trade-off.

Sorry to be such a downer--I was probably just an outlier anyway with that experience--good luck, and I hope it works well for you :)