Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Watch Your Thinking with the help of Catherine Ponder

Reminded today by a friend to watch my thoughts, my words and my focus. Truth is I have felt out of sorts for weeks now. Starting today I am taking a week “news fast.” It is an excellent time to reenergize my thinking with Catherine Ponder classics.

I started this morning with Dare to Prosper, a slim, 66 page, “bottom line” guide to physical, mental and spiritual prosperity.

Here – I can share a little with you now.

Chapt. One: The First Step To Prosperous Thinking: Creating a Vacuum To Receive
Thoughts are things and occupy “space” in mind. We cannot have new or better ones in a place already crowded with old, weak, inefficient thoughts. A mental housecleaning is even more necessary t6hat a material one.

I don’t have to dig deep to uncover unhealthy, energy sucking mental thoughts that I need to clear out. What about you?

Health Is Recovered After Release of Grudge
Again, I don’t have to dig deep! What about you? What do you need to release?

A suggested affirmation is “I fully and freely release and forgive. I loose and let go all ill feeling. Divine love produces the perfect result now.”

Form A Physical Vacuum
Paperwork, files, clothes, stuff, mess. bleh.
Yes. I have a bit of that to clear out this week and weekend!

Let Go Of Unpleasant Relationships.
I don’t know that I have an unpleasant relationship to let go of as much as I have to let go of unpleasant thoughts about a couple of relationships. I’ll journal on this and see if anything else comes up … And you?

There. That’s enough to get you (and me!) started. Why don’t you take a moment now to order your copy of Dare to Prosper, (only $7.95 through Amazon). Order 2 copies and gift one to your best girlfriend. When two or more are gathered and supporting each other the results are powerful!!!

(For your information, below is a listing of my favorite prosperity readings. It all starts between the ears and lands in our health, heart and pockets.)

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