Monday, November 06, 2006

Great Expectations & how to handle them …

Here we are – November 6th. Many of us are already on edge thanks to all that Halloween candy for the kids…! Today - be bold – be your own best friend & throw out whatever remains! Then, pause and get on top of your “to dos” by exercising your Ds …

Ds … DO it now, Delegate, Delay or Delete. You Decide!

Step 1: 1st make your “To Do” List (put on a little Chopin to get in the mood!)

Step 2: Review Your “To Do” List & elaborate i.e. “Bake Christmas Cookies.” How many types? How many batches? By When? Who’s helping you?

Step 3: 2nd Review. Write a “D” word next to each item as in DO (with a “now or soon” date);Delegate (with a name); Delay or Delete (with a happy face next to each!)

To decide, I ask myself “How Important Is It Anyway?” How important is it that I bake 5 different cookies vs. 2? How important is it to write 100 Christmas cards before Christmas vs. spread them out through the New Year? How important is it to decorate inside, outside and upside down …

What matters most right now is to take good care of ourselves and to nourish our connection to each other and spirit. This holiday season you can relax and enjoy. Or you can join the crowd - rush around, rush others and feel tired and hassled. You get to decide!!!

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