Wednesday, November 08, 2006

•Tea-Leaf Reading You Can Trust (think green)

Special Thanks to Tracy of Hormonal Haven for this energizing tip!

Tea leaves at the bottom of your cup really do reveal clues about your future.

See green leaves in your mug a couple of times a day? All signs point
to long-term benefits for your ticker. Research shows that just two 8-
ounce servings a day of polyphenol-rich green tea can dramatically
reduce the risk of dying from heart disease and can cut the risk of
stroke in women as well. Wondering what the future holds? Put your
money on green tea, not fortune-tellers.
The polyphenols in green tea gobble up free radicals and improve
artery function, both of which help keep diseases at bay. Drinking 16
ounces a day (about 500 milliliters) cut the risk of death due to
cardiovascular disease by 26 percent in a recent study. And the more
green tea people drank, the more protection they got. Although both
men and women were shielded, the benefits were more pronounced in

Two cups a day isn't a lot, but even if you don't average that much
green tea daily, don't give it up. Drinking at least half a cup (4
ounces) a day was linked to some reduction in mortality risk. So grab
a teacup, point that pinkie, and drink to a healthy future.

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