Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Anxiety. Not a Mother's Best Friend.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, a.k.a incessant "worst case scenario" worry about everyday everythings, affects 4 million Americans. This is about 2.8% of the population. Women are twice as likely to be afflicted than men and most of those women are ... MOMS.

Anxiety is uncomfortable. It shows up as fatigue, insomnia (love that combination!), headaches, fear, frequent need to pee, constipation and nausea. IT make sex a chore, puts butterflies in our stomachs and makes us cranky with the kids.

Journaling is one technique that helps many women uncover and recover from the "hidden fatigue" of anxiety.

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Anxiety is not a Mother's Best Friend.
3 Ways to Journal IT Away – Today

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