Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ladies! de-Frazzle and re-Energize with ...

doubling up, sneaking green & power snacking!

No matter what is going on or how busy we may be there is still one thing we all have to do everyday. Several times a day. We Eat. Usually we feed others too.

Let’s save time and make this easy on ourselves.

One way is to “double up.” Specifically, double up every dinner recipe you make this month. Gonna cook for four? Cook for eight instead. One meal goes on the table, the other goes in the fridge.

Another way is to “add extra.” Your recipe calls for a cup of rice and a pound of spinach? Make it a cup and half and a pound and a half. What you don’t eat for dinner turns into a microwave lunch. Still a little “left over”? Freeze it!

Your goal ladies - should you decide to take it on – is to cook double enough and extra enough so that you don’t have to cook at all for a couple days each week! Wuuu Huuu!

That’s almost as good as having someone else cook for you. Well ….

So, that’s how you save time – lots of time. Now to gain some energy.

Wherever possible, sneak in something green. ‘Tis the time of year for stews & soups and casseroles, perfect places to snuggle in some iron rich kale, green beans, spinach, mustard greens. That’s my version of pumping iron! And, since you are cooking double, you’ll be pumping double!

Last but not least – the Power Snack. Don’t go hungry skipping meals or between meals. You have too much to do. Make, take it and never leave home without it. “It” is a baggie of almonds & dates & sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds & raisins. Yep, more iron. More energy. More brain power. More long line and traffic stamina. More YOU Power.

Go get ‘em baby! Just do it the easy way. O.k.?

© 2006 Viveca Stone-Berry, former fatigue sufferer and author of the Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide. Viveca is also the founder of The Get Ready for Love! Show.

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