Thursday, April 03, 2008

Humor Month - Laughter is a GREAT energy boost.

Did you know that April - all 30 days of April - is officially "Humor Month?"

There is one simple thing that can raise our energy, help us sleep tight at night, boost our positive vibrations and heal our bods. It is humor. Too many of us are getting and giving ourselves way too little of it.

Thank goodness we now have a month to work on this. (Kudos to founder, Humorist Larry Wilde,

Here is my contribution to you for today and please check back. I will do my best to have some hilarious for you everyday.

Click here to read all about the healing benefits of laughter OR here to see how our endorphins look when we laugh (WOW) here for doggone humor with Poncho of Pooch Cafe OR here to visit, Michael always has something uplifting going on!

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