Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Quietest Place On Earth - Boost your energy, quietly.

I am intrigued by an article about the quietest place on earth. It is called "One Square Inch of Silence" and is located in Olympic National Park in the state of Washington. Aside from the silence it is full of trees and moss and quiet little animals. Sounds heavenly. (Ode Magazine btw)

Here in my little square of silence I hear the constant hum of my laptop, snuffles and snorts from Velvet and Albert who are lying at my feet and my fingers clicking on the computer keys. And, I can hear my breath.

In a moment I will turn on my creativity music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and get into that space in my head that is both quiet, spacious and highly energized. I'll hang there as long as I can like a surfer hanging ten.

Where am I going with this?

Find a place today in your head or in your world that is quiet. Sit with it for a moment, longer if you can. Then add in your favorite energizer -- something that makes you feel happy.

Is it Mozart? Calling a girlfriend and sharing a virtual coffee? Going for a walk around the block? Nuzzling your pup? Leaping into the air three times and yelling "I'm excited!" at the top of your voice? (Try that - it really works!)

After you do please post me a note and tell me what you did and how you feel … buzzed, alive, relaxed, amazed, at peace …

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