Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Trust Your Vibes

and you will energize your body, mind & spirit

One of my favorite teachers when it comes to the mind/body connection is Sonia Choquette. Several years ago I had the opportunity to interview her when I was producing the “Get Ready For Love” Show.

One of the “vibe” techniques Sonia covered in our interview was “Body Talk.” I use this often when I feel out of sorts or downright in pain.
Click here to go to Sonia Choquette’s Interview page. You can listen in anytime that is convenient for you. (MP3 Audio Link.)

In keeping with this theme,
notice your body talk today. Notice how you feel around different people. Who energizes you? Who saps your energy? Do you have pets? How do you feel around them? Jot down how you feel after phone conversations.

Where do your pleasant and unpleasant interactions show up in your body? When I am uncomfortable around someone my chest/breathing will tighten up. When I feel good around someone my creativity, joy and energy “pops.” Feels light like champagne bubbles in my body!

Share your observations – I love hearing from you!
Viveca P.S. Just came to me! Our bodies give us FREE counseling if we know how to listen BUT if we tune it out long enough it gets very costly.

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