Thursday, April 19, 2007

KISP = Keep It Simple Please!

What easy-does-it- actions can you take to give yourself some ease today - this week?

One thing I do is "Double Up." If I have to cook (and I do!) I will double up the recipe. 1/2 goes in the freezer and the rest is for dinner and lunch the next day. These freezer meals add up to days off of cooking. Yee Ha!

If I have to run errands (and I do!) I bag it all and keep it in the car. In goes the laundry for the dry cleaners, books for the library, coupons for free or discounted this and that, the brown shoelace I need to match, mail that needs to go to the post office, the light bulbs that need to be exchanged ...

Find simple ways to make your choreland easier on you. Double Up is one way. Another fav is "Delete It." Will talk about that one tomorrow ...!

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