Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happiness Study -- Be happy live 7.5 to 10 years longer

Ah ha! We've been talking a lot here about the health and re-energizing benefits of friendship, humor, kindness and pets.

What do all these thing have in common? They make us happy.

Now a recent study indicates that happy people were more inclined to take better care of themselves, have better social networks, are more self-confident, more moderate in their behaviors and live longer, up to 10 years longer.

For the rest of the story, Be Happy Live Longer, click here!

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Rachel said...

I agree with you. I do always feel happier when I am eating more healthily. I feel better about how I look, I have more energy I am happy in knowing that I am treating my body well.

Anonymous said...

I figure that if you're happy, then you naturally want to live longer, because human beings tend to want to feel good. Who wants to live through 20 years of depression when offered the choice between that and 20 years of joy?


I recently read that more than diet and exercise is the impact that stress has on the body. I try to remember that and focus on the positive. Happiness is the best medicine.

Anonymous said...

Hi there thanks for the visit. I responded in my comments area to you. would you like to ex links?

Chronic Chick Talk I really like it when my readers "really" read it.

Unknown said...

I love the way I feel when I eat healthy. I love food, but just one day with totally unhealthy food and I can feel the difference. Instead I have occasional treats with good solid nutrition as my regular fare.

Pets - Well Keeper is my best running partner! He's up to 4 miles at a time, and he loves the idea of running.