Thursday, August 14, 2008

Perspective - How to energize yours NOW!

A post I read this morning in the Hormonal Haven Tribe reminded me of the health benefits of my usual friends -- humor, smiles, friendship and optimism. In turn I was reminded of one of my favorite sayings. The below always shifts my mind out of crisis. It can work for you too!

When you are on stage it is a tragedy.
When you are in the audience it is a comedy.

Today, I encourage you to stay in the audience! If you are not laughing, having fun and feeling energized know that you have climbed back on stage and into the drama of life. You don't have to stay there. Shift. Shift in 5 minute increments if that's how it needs to be for you today.

Please pass this on to a friend in need and thanks for visiting me today.
Psst. Do you have a special tip, tool or technique to most your energy or mode?

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