Thursday, October 02, 2008

Frugal Price Alert - Spelt Flour – Healthy Alternative to White & Wheat Flour

I discovered the joy of spelt flour thanks to my husband’s intolerance of wheat, white, corn and “you-name-it” flours. According to the Blood Type Diet, the most common blood type which is “Type O” is just meant to eat meat, select veggies and grains and definitely not wheat.

So I went hunting for a bread substitute which led me to spelt flour, something all the blood types digest well and is delicious. Did I also mention what a picky eater Mikey is?

The best pricing I’ve found is at I just placed an order for a 25lb bag. Total is $52.25 with shipping or $2.09/lb. And … they are including a sample of their sesame sticks and granola cereal for me to try before I buy. Right on!

So as my bread machine toils below I am sitting pretty on a darn good value. You could be next, click here for more info:

Psst. I am not paid to promote this product, just a happy customer who can’t wait to see the happy look on hubby’s face when he comes through the front door smelling hot, fresh bread for din din.

Psst again. To learn more about the Blood Type Diet and other resources I've used to get my energy back and help my husband, please visiit my fatigue recovery resource page at:

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