Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun, Fun, FUN!

I am just back from having fun, fun, fun with my best friend from high school. Spent the week getting up at noon and going to bed 2:00 a.m. ish. We ate delicious food, had manicures, shopped till we dropped, took on one home improvement project, went on beautiful spring walks with her dogs, caught up on giggles, news, views and belly laughs!

There is nothing like being with someone who has loved you for years and years. Coleen and I go back to Junior High! She was a reserved young miss then. I practically had to stick her pigtails in ink to get her to talk to me!

Why am I telling you all of this?

Friendship, laughter and FUN pumps up those tired adrenal glands and plumps out those feel-good hormones like nothin' else.

If you are on this page, consider this your call to action! Take time today to make plans to schedule in a hefty dose of friendship, laughter and FUN this weekend.

Then, tell me all about it!!!!


I have a couple jewels to share with you from my time chez Coleen. I am ordering all of them today!


Anonymous said...

You are so right. I need FUN in my life. Don't know what I will do yet BUT I'll think of something!


Liza said...

I'm jealous! All my close friends are out of the country and I miss them so much. :)

Viveca said...

Thanks for sharing Pam! And, thank you Liza! BTW Liza I know how you feel. I grew up in the military saying goodbye to friends constantly. We moved every year until Jr High. After High School I moved from Rhode Island to California (sobbed all the way to NY)and I have continued on the move ever since.

If you are missing all your friends then there is a great opening in your life for more ... Get out there girlfriend! Invite them in! The heart has many rooms and unlimited opportunities for love!

Hugs to you both! Viveca