Friday, March 06, 2009

When you're on stage ...

Today I remembered a saying that goes like this ...
"When you're on stage it's a tragedy but
when you're in the audience, it's a comedy

A girlfriend and I was talking about some pretty tough stuff, tough love and laughing uproariously. Why? Because that's the magic of friendship. It can turn the most bitter pill into a bag of delicious red and purple jelly beans.

And the reason there are so many people on planet earth is God's way of giving us as many opportunities for friendship as possible.

If you're reading this ... go call a girlfriend about what's bugging you. Get off stage, move directly into the audience and shine some light on it. Watch it melt away in a funny way.

On the other side --- if you just couldn't be any happier in your life than you are already I have news for you. You can be happier. Go call a friend in need and take them into the audience with you.

Life is short even if we live to old age. Let's be joyful about it.

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Anonymous said...

I've been crying. Thanks for helping me see my situation from --- the other side!