Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Add D - Vitamin D, that is ...

Energy Boosting & Healthy Body Building
Benefits of Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, is positively associated with regulating weight, supporting stronger bones, preventing osteoporosis, eliminating depression and protecting us against cancers including breast cancer.

I read about it 3-4 months ago and added 1000 mg to my daily routine.

Next, I mailed the article to my mother. She is borderline diabetic and has been suffering from neuropathy in her. Guess what. She doesn’t anymore. Her results inspired me to give away a couple other bottles to friends who are diabetic and not into reading, researching and taking their health on.

Vitamin D 1000 IU by Now
I love Vitamin D for all the good it does and how-cheap-it-is … Click here to order a bottle for yourself, your mom and a friend in need.

I buy all my supplements at a great discount from eVits - saves me time and gasoline too. While you are at it, click here if you would like to know the rest of my supplement routine. (adrenal support etc.)


Dorothy L said...

For me it is all about sunshine. If I do not get sunshine...I can literally feel my self missing something throughout my entire being.
Vitamins natural or otherwise are so essential to our well being;)

viveca said...

Me too!

I really notice it during the winters in Virginia - came from San Diego where sunshine is taken for granted!

Thanks for sharing Dorothy! Love your blog!