Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Energy-boosting Product Review: Dr. Andrew Weil's Self-Healing with Sound & Music

When I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer last year I scurried about to add new tools to my self-help toolbox. Yes I needed more energy. The radiation treatment was exhausting. But I was also looking for somethingS to change my insides – mental, emotional, spiritual and chemical.

Dr. Andrew Weil & Kimba Arem's self-help Cd offers to "revitalize your body & mind with proven sound healing tools." Right on.

Self-Healing with sound & music is a two-disc package. Disc One explains the science behind the sounds. Chapters include: "How sound affects our physical and emotional health," "The Principle of Entrainment*," "Vocalizing Vowel Sounds for Self-Healing" and "Interacting with the Chakras through Sound." Fascinating.

Disc Two is the sound and music – about one hour of bliss. The track names are appropriate: "Water Way," "Spinal Ebb," "Peace Journey," "Angels of the Deep," etc. This disc is now a part of my nightly relaxation bed-time routine and let me tell you – I feel like I am sleeping with angels! (Besides my husband, cats and dogs!) The music has also been very effective in helping my husband let go and sleep well. Win win.

***** I give this product a five-star out of five-star rating. Detailed explanation plus the sound and music make it an excellent product for individual and family use.

To order a copy of Self-Healing with Sound and Music, click here.

Entrainment: This is a complex concept. In brief, entrainment is changing the frequency of brainwaves to positively affect health, energy levels, mental outlook (sad/happy), sleep patterns etc. In this case I used music and sounds to affect the above.

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