Thursday, March 18, 2010

Extremely Fatigued for Years. How Can I Stop Feeling So Tired all the Time?

Dear Viveca,

I have suffered from extreme fatigue for two years. I get a little better then I quit protocol, seems like I’m still pushing myself. Doing anything for me is hard because I grew up with the belief it was selfish. I have a lot of anxiety and spend my nights fighting with insomnia. I know emotional health is part of healing. I tried therapy only to have it knock me down again. Bringing up those old feelings caused me to crash and burn and left me feeling depressed. How do I start again?


Dear Extremely Fatigued,

I recently corresponded with a mother who was seeking help for her 21-year old daughter. These days are particularly stressful and exhausting for everyone - no matter the age. You say that you’ve been fatigued for two years. Could this be connected to the economy, politics, news?

I have two bottom line suggestions. Both are relatively inexpensive and offer immediate results. If this sounds self-serving on my part - just do it anyway!

1. Bazi. To make a long-story short my fatigue came back big time last year when I went through radiation treatment for Stage 1 breast cancer. Stage 1 is the next best thing to Stage None so don’t be worried for me. Anyway my brother sent me a case of Bazi; a liquid dietary supplement. I showed it to my doc who O.K’d it and to my Nutritionist who approved it. Bazi got me through radiation in style. It even cleared up some joint and arthritis issues. I’m done with radiation, but I continue to use it to cover my daily supplement requirements & for its energy boost properties.

I like Bazi so much I became a product Ambassador. I recommend starting with an order for a “two-pack.” You’ll want to drink three to four ounces per day for a week or two, then drop it to two to three ounces a day. My website is:

2. Fatigue Be Gone Guide. Did you go through the guide two years ago and now you are feeling tired again OR have you never used it? If you have then I recommend that you repeat the 8-step process. I do every year before my physical.

If you are tired of feeling tired, purchase the Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart eGuide for $9.99. Upon receipt of payment, you can download the book and instantly begin your wellness journey. The fatigue guide is backed by a 30 day money-back-guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and energy to gain!

Where the Bazi nutrition supplement can give you an immediate, all-day, energy boost and reduce stress, the Fatigue Be Gone guide can help detect and eliminate energy drains. (physical, emotional, spiritual) You need to know, notice and note: If you are suffering from fatigue something isn’t working. Something(s) need to be eliminated, shifted or added. You need this bottom-line information:

• What time of the day do you feel most tired?
• What is your typical diet? Are you suffering from vitamin or mineral deficiencies?
• Are you dehydrated, suffering from food allergies, toxic relationships or simply being too much of a yes-man?
• What is behind your anxiety? The Fatigue Be Gone guide gives you simple techniques you can use anywhere, anytime to relax and move forward in a positive energy-boosting direction.
• Are you sleeping enough and sleeping at the best times to recharge your adrenal “get up and go” glands?

3. Final suggestions: Fun, Frivolity and Volunteerism

What are you doing for fun and what is your community service project? Fun and service were not a part of my routine during the worst of times. Adding them back in gave me huge dividends. The fun came in my Friday Night Salsa Class — happy music, new friends and something to look forward to at the end of the week (TGIF, like when we were kids, right?)

Service work - I volunteer three hours a week at my neighborhood “no kill” shelter. This work has given me much satisfaction and new friends - two and four footed.

I hope this fatigue-busting information is of your use to you. Please stay in touch and share your increased energy success story with us!


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