Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting Ready for Fruit & Veggie Day!

Monday is Fruit and Veggie Day? Are you ready?

I am. Went shopping yesterday and loaded up on the good stuff. This week I am letting Blooms handle everything. Brought home a carrot juice by "Odwalla" and a Green Machine by "Naked." Both are good brands and super fresh (checked the "sell by" dates.) Then I'll throw in some apples and blueberries. Voila!

Tomorrow I'll be on the road all day. I've been adopted by a senior boxer who I have already named Lana Love. This is total, what-am-I-doing inspiration that has me driving 8 hours to add another heart on paws to my pack of 2 pups, 3 purrs and a bird.

So, what will I do with all the extra energy and time I gain tomorrow? Enjoy a long drive, rescue a pup and visit with my best friend from high-school. Cool beans! I'll post photos when I get back!

Cheers! Viveca

What special flavor will you splash into your Fruit and Veggie Day? Do tell ...

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