Sunday, October 14, 2007

Get dirty. Feel better.

Today I took the morning off from worrying over a loved one and took on that gardening chore I've been putting off and off and off.

I headed back there with my clippers, weeder, shovel and a prayer of faith tucked into my back pocket on a neon yellow index card. I'd pull, chop and cut and pause to read it and fill my mind with ...

Faith, Faith, Faith. I have faith in God. I have faith in people. I have faith in things.

Faith replaces fear. Faith energizes everything - body, mind and soul. Fear, well, it is that rocking chair that gives a feeling of activity but goes no where.

Anyway, I realized a couple things today.

I realized that the longest part of recovery is the time it takes to get into action. Then the rest just flashes by. (My garden looks great. Nothing to it.)

I realized that faith is awesome. That person I prayed for instead of worrying over? They felt fine and had a great day. So did I.

So the next time you feel really down and out and faithless go out into your garden and get dirty. Take a prayer with you. Exhilarating.

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