Friday, October 12, 2007

Re-Energize Your Root Chakra .

Red panties in your future?

Reading The Book of Chakras and I am fascinated starting with the root chakra and its color red.
In brief … the Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the adrenals and the adrenal glands are associated with … energy!

The Root Chakra grounds us. According to author Ambika Wauter, its intelligence “helps us to administer our life force. It is concerned with the qualities of order, security, structure and stability that we need to make a viable existence.

The Root Chakra has associated archetypes … The Mother and The Victim.

The balanced root chakra is “The Mother” is as you would imagine – strong, loving, positive, nurturing, self-sufficient, connected to the community, positive, trusting of herself and the process of life. The out of balance root chakra is “The Victim” ruled by outward circumstances, tired out by the weight of the world, hopeless, angry, defensive, impatient, negative, resentful, isolated and fatigued.

I talked about this with a girlfriend in-the-know and she recommended a simple boost “wear red panties.” I’m buying them tomorrow! Maybe you want to nab a pair for yourself and we can compare notes a week or so from now?

What else can you do to strengthen your root chakra? Practice patience, cultivate serenity and a live and let live attitude. Develop meditation skills, keep a gratitude journal, learn how to pray (there are many ways) and get physical in ways that demand your attention -- yoga, a breathing practice, Salsa Dancing, wind surfing …. make it fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, the red panties idea works! I always feel a boost when I wear red and I happened to run across a company that has panties in all of the chakra colors. They are really comfy and I've been giving them as a gift because of how pretty they are packaged. You might want to check out their site