Monday, February 01, 2010

28 Creative Ways to Boost Your Energy, Happiness & Self-Satisfaction.

I confess. This idea was inspired by watching the movie Julie & Julia in which Julie cooks at least one recipe a day from the Julia Child's Cookbook. She does this for a year! Me - I'm committing to daily posts for one month - the fabulous month of February!

Day #1: A Shopper's HIGH for less ... CD Shopping at Goodwill.

Yep. Now you know my secret. I feed my adrenals the good stuff shopping for oldies but goody, sometimes goofy, treasures at Goodwill. I love music but never bought much because it so expensive ... then I discovered $3 CDs at Goodwill. FUN FUN FUN! (And I'm raising funds - funds - funds for them.)

So far my growing collection features CDs by Trisha Yearwood, Melissa Etheridge, Amy Grant (listening to her now) Mary Chapin Carpenter, Julio Iglesio, Dixie Chicks, Cecilia Bartoli, Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox, Chris Isaak, Abba Greatest Hits and Norah Jones. Norah's feels like home CD is fabulous.

Then I've picked up some cool totally eclectic pieces like a CD called "Natural Stress Relief" by Solitudes music for your health. I'll let you know if it works! "The Glory of Gershwin" is a jewel that inspired my husband and I to dance in our kitchen while cooking up a Boeuf Bourginon last weekend. Then there's a rhythm country and blues duet CD, a Letting Go "Relaxation in a Busy World" Cd that puts music to stretch poses - cool eh? Another gem is a comedy cd of Jerry Seinfeld's "I'm Telling You For The Last Time." Finally, you-guessed-it, I bought a CD holder for $3.00 to hold all of them and more.

Yes. I'll Go Baaack soon. Right now I'll put in that Abba and listen to "Dancing Queen." That will help liven up my next tedious chore.

Oh, do let me know what you find on your treasure hunt! Take a friend and hang out for hours!

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Shannah said...

Goodwill does have great music (and hard to find books)! I found a couple of my Abba CDs there too.