Friday, February 05, 2010

Day 5. Defrost something delicious and share.

Day 5. Defrost something delicious and share. The flip side to this is, of course, doubling up on a yummy recipe and freezing half for use on a rainy (or snowy) (or lazy) day.

Tonight I am taking a night off from cooking and will enjoy every moment! Michael and I will be sipping on red wine and dining on that Boeuf Bourguignon we cooked up a couple weeks ago. I LOVE the Barefoot Contessa and this recipe from her book, Barefoot in Paris: Easy French Food , rocks!

Perhaps that is thanks to that 1/2 cup Cognac that burned so brightly?

Anyway ... another version of the "Defrost something delicious" exercise is the "Swap-something delicious-with-your-girlfriend" version. Any method of getting one or more nights off and out of the kitchen, in a healthy, delicious way, is exhilarating and energizing! Go for it!
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The Cheap Gourmet said...

I love the way you pronounce this. You sound so French - oh la la! Thanks for this recommendation of defrost. I recently discovered I have a defrost option on my microwave, which makes life a little easier!

viveca said...

Yes, it certainly does!