Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finish what you start. A taxing weekend is part of your recovery from fatigue.

One symptom of Adrenal Fatigue is that we sufferers are easily overwhelmed by everyday tasks. We operate in an exhausting world of "brain fog," hyper-sensitivity and poor short term memory. It is easy for us to lose track of bank balances, anniversaries, personal commitments and to feel constantly "behind," frustrated and angry.

Then, add in an unwanted seasonal project like … tax preparation … and in comes the rage, insomnia, anxiety and extreme a.m. fatigue.

Have you seen that stop smoking commercial about how "quitting smoking sucks. "product name" makes it suck less." I encourage to follow my lead and have one sucky tax preparation weekend. Don't put it off because it will stay on your mind and wear you down. Don't drag it through weeks of evenings and spoil those weeks. That's what I did last year and the year before and the year before.

This weekend I will gather everything I need in one room. (and avoid the Zig Zag Syndrome. See below.) I will close the door - light the scented candle – have all my favorite music and pets near at hand and FINISH what I started three weeks ago. My husband can take over breakfast, lunch and dinner duty (as I did for him last weekend and the weekend before and …) Did you know that most people stricken by Adrenal Fatigue tend to be "Type As" who have a difficult time asking for help? True.

Final note --- few things are more exhausting then taxes but yes, they exist. The worst of them is the job not-quite-done. Tired people tend to have a lot of these. Why? Partly because fatigue and brain fog get in the way of completion. Another is that the lack of completion is demoralizing and fatiguing – the ol' chicken and the egg syndrome.

Do you remember how good it feels to complete a project? Use that memory to help you through this weekend. If your taxes are done or you have the pleasure of not having to do them, pick another "undone" and take it on. Pick something that can be done in 2 hours or less. Gather what you need in one room. Set a timer, put on your favorite music and "get rrrrr done."

Avoid the "Zig Zag" Syndrome. This is where you are cleaning out the office and carry a book to the bedroom. Then you start organizing the bedroom bookcase. Before long you carry a glass to the kitchen and start loading the dishwasher … Zig zaggers leave a trail of undones. Been there, still getting over that.

So, join me this weekend! Start and finish one task then notice how energy-boosting a job done well enough and completed can feel …

Cheers! Viveca


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