Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Day 3 - Mail Thanks & A Smile

Day 3. Friend-mail. Have you ever noticed the feel-good-buzz you get when you open a personal note from a friend (vs. a bill, a notice or other random "junk-mail?") You get the same little buzz when you think about someone, write a note to someone and mail it off ...

Yep. There is nothing quite like friend-mail. Today, take a moment to write a quick note to a friend. Let him or her know you're thinking about them --- appreciating them ---- thinking of that fun or special time you spent with them --- remembering a snowball fight or a slumber party --- seeing their smile in a new friend --- toasting them ---

Who should you write to? Whoever comes to mind first.

Psst. You can send friend-mail, smile-mail AND raise money for dog and cat rescue when you order DogCaption Cards! Check them out here ... I ordered lots of their "No ... I insist ... Thank YOU!" card packs to catch up on my holiday gifts and favors.

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