Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 9. News Fast.

Day 9. Tune out the news and boost UP your energy.

On a good day we are blasted with way too much "news." On a bad day the news can be that final fatiguing straw on our back.

Years ago I read a book by Dr. Andrew Weil
in which he recommended a weekly "news fast." I thought the doc was out of his mind and that it was absolutely impossible to stay away from the news for an entire day. (TV, internet, radio, friends!)

Oh my. Add ten or fifteen years and I am beggin to turn the cable. I actually did it for almost a year. Then came the football season and my husband prevailed ...

Anyway. Back to that news fast.

Isn't it delightful how easy that would be to do this week? Our capital is actually snowed in and our politicians are snowed out ... Then next week they are all off for the week. I feel better already. Don't you.

Enjoy today. Turn it all off and bake some cookies or spending time with a beading or photo album project. Ummmmmmmmm.

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