Monday, February 19, 2007

Body Talk - Relax, let go, let God.

I am arisen from my bed like the pheonix from its ashes. Ten days of flu! Puts everything into perspective - there are worse things than feeling tired ...

One thing I read during my aches, pains, sweats and fevers was a book called The Dynamic Laws of Healing. One of its suggestions was to talk to my body. I was supposed to tell my body what I wanted it to do and, according to the author, it would obey.

So I did. I started telling it to Relax, let go, let God.

Guess what? It works! Now when I go to bed at night I tell my body to Relax, let go ... and I sleep like a baby. I use it during the day when I am working or cooking or driving and feel anxieties or frustrations on the rise.

Results. I feel more relaxed, am breathing better, have more focus, humor and energy!

Your turn. Start talking to your body and see what miracles you can co-create.

For more about this kind of communication and to learn how to trust yourself and your body click here and tune into an Interview with Sonia Choquette called "Trust Your Vibes."

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