Friday, February 23, 2007

Cell Phone Karma: Real Women recovery secrets begin

Super Women are always on the go-go-go and always plugged into widgets. They think they're in control but really they are constantly on the beck & call of others. The more widgets -the more calls and less peace, confidence and grace.

Real Women Recovery Secret #1
If it beeps, burps, vibrates, rings, sings or interrupts ... turn it off. Only turn it on when 1) it is safe to communicate and 2) necessary to communicate and 3) get clear about what "necessary" means.

Real Women can sit through meals, birthdays, weddings and funerals with IT turned OFF. On the other hand a Super Woman friend of mine spent my entire wedding reception sending & receiving messages on her Blackberry! Come on!

Don't turn them on when you are with friends, shopping in grocery stores, waiting in lines in public places or else you might have your own close encounter with ... Cell Phone Karma.

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