Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Super Women Sag - Do we?

Why Super Women Sag.

O.k., I'll speak for myself. I used to (and sometimes still) sag because one more thing on top of one more thing on top of one more thing used to smooch the life out of me.

I remember one time my father said "Darlin' no matter what I do to help you it doesn't make any difference. You just add on more ..." Dad is a man of few words who never complains. I took that to heart but couldn't figure out what to do differently. Over doing was all I knew how to do. The only way I could stop myself was by getting really, really sick.

Tomorrow, let's put our capes away and share some down to earth Real Woman Recovery Secrets. Thanks for visiting and feel free to post any secrets of your own ...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am putting my cape down! Too much trying to please everyone, control everyone and be everything. When did I agree to this? I guess I must have somehow. -fed up