Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Super Woman - who are we?

Super Women Suck at enjoying life.

Remember science class where we had to make assumptions then prove them right, or wrong?

Here’s my case.

#1. 80% of American Women will suffer from adrenal fatigue. And what causes Adrenal Fatigue? Stress, shocks to our systems and sucking it up to prove we’re tough. (I even had a doctor tell me to “tough it out.” The Doc was, of course, a … she.)

Super Women marry, manage households, work full-time jobs, have kids, add kid’s stuff like affection, attention and commuting … We cook, clean, and garden … We do all the Martha Stewart stuff without the staff.

Sometimes we sensibly cut back to part-time hours, a measly 40 some hours per week vs. the 50 plus. Wuu Huu! Now that's a relief.

We have sex FAST, sleep less and push our husbands to do more so that we can add more onto our Super Women “To Do” Lists.

Results? Our kids our tired, our husbands are tired and we are sick & tired - guilt ridden and cranky - especially with our super families.

Now what part of that sounds enjoyable?

Your super dooper comments are welcome. Tomorrow, Day 2, Why Super Women Sag.

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