Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Glycemic Index - Low glycemic Food List - My new friends ...

Some of you know about my quest over this past year to help my husband get over his fatigue and chronic migraines.

Let me tell you, I am grateful for my own recovery from fatigue! It takes energy and stamina to keep track of his medications and Drs appointments and dietary upgrades and keep my head and spirits in a healthy place.

Last week we finally got the green light from his primary doc and his neurologist to go through a toe to tip of head examination. I will share with you the tests and results as they come in because they may help you or someone you love.

Did the MRI and MRA and no brain tumor is sight. Excellent. His blood sugar test which screens for diabetes was however a BIG surprise. Happy to tell you Michael is not diabetic but if we don't make changes NOW that is the direction in which he is headed. (and probably me too!)

This has me researching a new world called the "Glycemic Index" and double checking our diet. Here is the abbreviate "bottom line" for you to use to check out your own diet.

The glycemic index gives us an idea of which foods raise our blood glucose fastest and highest. Research indicates that eating a diet with a relatively low blood glucose impact can protect us from diabetes, and likely from heart disease as well. -Laura Dolson, Guide to Low Carb Diets since 2005

In my husband's case his downfall has been the additions to my healthy cooking i.e. bread, soy ice cream PLUS a major lack of exercise!

The lack of exercise crept in over the holidays and over these past months as a result of the headaches. It's been a vicious circle of not feeling well so not exercising then lack of exercise contributing to him feeling well. (His doc said the next time he has a migraine that he should put on legs weights and climb stairs until he breaks a sweat vs. sit it out.)

Anyway - Information is potential. Action is power. Today we are starting to put this information into motion. You can join in.

Today, UP your exercise whether you feel like it or not. Climb extra stairs. Get out there for a walk or head into the gym for a class. Go at your own speed. You don't have to compete. Just go.(Exercise removes sugar from your bloodstream during and after your workout. Sitting on a couch, doesn't. It is vital to heading off diabetes.)

Today, EAT UP on low glycemic foods (beans, peas, meats, fish, apples, plums) and cut out or cut down on your evening indulgences and anything "white" (white bread, rice, potatoes) Click here for an excellent list of low glycemic foods, dos and don'ts. And,

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