Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PSST. You just stepped in poop.

What in the world does dog poop have to do with fatigue? Well, when you're tired all the time your senses start to dim, starting with your sense of humor. It becomes a vicious circle. The more tired you are, the less you laugh. The less you laugh the more tired you are. The more tired you are - the less you laugh - the less energy you have to care about yourself and others.

I invite you to take a break. I invited you to have a belly laugh or two or three AND share it with your 13 favs.

How? My brother Richard and I are selling the "Barker's Dozen Friendship Cards" to raise money for spaying and neutering pets. They also promote adoptions and volunteering ...

Each pack consists of 13 hilarious and heartfelt greeting cards. Each photo and caption is different - get ready to laugh, sigh, snort, chuckle, connect and commiserate. You may have to keep one for yourself - on your desk as a reminder to lighten up.

Finally, they are an easy way to send an "I Love You" to a friend. You're tired of just getting bills and ads in the mail - so are your friends. Cheer them up - cheer them on and you will give your own adrenals a BIG boost.

I don't know of anything more energizing then L-O-V-E. Do you?

Please click here to order your Barker's Dozen Friendship Pack from the SPCA of Fredericksburg (thru eBay.) If you would like to sell these as a fundraiser for yours, just drop me a note at Viveca@FatigueBeGone.com


Kathy Browning said...

These cards are absolutely the BEST BARGAIN ON THE PLANET!!! The artwork is fantastic and adorable. I sent a few out to my friends and each of them called to thank me and to tell me how much the cards lifted their spirits.

You MUST get these cards. You can even frame them because they make a great photo too! AND, they support a good cause. Thanks so much for sharing these cards Viveca. Everyone who has received them absolutely flipped over them!

Viveca said...

Thank you Kathy! It is fun hearing back from people who get 'em ... if he will come out with Christmas Card versions I may finally starting sending those out too!