Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Monday. I'm hungry AND full of energy.

Long ago I had a fabulous mentor. Susan Smith Jones was the head of women's athletics at UCLA and well on her way towards becoming a successful author, speaker and leader in the health and nutrition world.

I thought of her yesterday. I remembered how she led me through several cleansing fasts. (She would fast with the seasons.) She'd tell me that digestion takes a lot of energy from the body, digesting meat, dairy and fatty snacks. Last week I sorta fasted. It was a "flu fast," lasted a couple days and was thoroughly cleansing. I'll leave off the specifics.

Somehow thinking about Susan, the flu and how I want to lighten up without spending a fortune on special cleansing kits inspired me to go on a vegi and fruit cleanse today. This is the closest I can get to not eating. I am still hungry, starving, famished and fantasizing about things like pop tarts and Pizza Hut.

I will not give in. Surely I can do this for a day. Besides, urges last about 2 1/2 minutes. (Nicotine, Alcohol, Pizza Hut ...) I will just get through one urge at a time. It will soon be dawn.

See the photo? This is what I am consuming today. Apple, carrots, celery, small cup of coffee (don't need a headache), dried fruit, lots of water and some lemon in my water. I've also had a cup of green tea with honey.

PSST. Just for fun ... there is also something in this picture that does not belong ... The first person to notice it and post a comment will get a little something fun - go for it!

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Debo Hobo said...

I am a believer in the fast now. I use Isagenix to ensure I am getting the daily vitamins I need. I gave up coffe on my last fast, I had a mild headache but that past and the second day was so much easier. On both days I ate things like hard boiled eggs a few almonds and what I call . And of course plenty of water. I found that my system felt so much lighter, that bloated feeling I was getting after eating so much protien and fat isgone.

The item in the photo that may not belong is the "Easy Button"? But actually maybe it should belong because cleansing is so easy and benefitial.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and I look forward to reading more of your posts as well. :)