Sunday, February 10, 2008

If only watching T.V. would ...

If only watching T.V. would make us healthier and wealthier and re-energized and ... can you imagine how great our lives would be since most of us watch so darn much of it?! (The average American watches some 4+ hours a day.)

I am on a T.V. fast. I've been threatening my husband with it for months, but not until today have I really embraced my good/great intention.

So, just for today I haven't heard about a half dozen horrible gender and sexual conditions with symptoms that seem awfully familiar. Just for today I haven't been reminded about how close I am to having IRS problems that require a retired IRS agent, and all his contacts, to resolve. Just for today I haven't given up two to three hours of my life and received nothing but eye-strain, back pain and dirty looks from my dog who wants to go out for a walk.

Just for today I don't feel guilty about wasting my time. (I wish I could do clever things while watching T.V. but I can't. I can just watch and eat - preferably rocky road ice cream.) Just for today I am not tired of sitting on my bum and of not following my own sage advice to TURN it off and turn LIFE ON.

Whew. Do you want to join me?

I don't know how long I can last but it would be fun to have some company on this journey (besides my husband who will become my unwitting accomplice when I cancel the cable service this week. Shhhhhhh. Don't rat me out. Maybe he won't notice?)

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Unknown said...

I love it, a TV fast! I have reduced my watching and took back my reading time. I have shows that I just must watch still though, like LOST, Super Nanny etc. but I jump trampaline for 30-45 minutes while I am watching the show, every little bit of cardio helps.

Viveca said...

I like that trampaline idea! Ah, we all have a piece to the puzzle ... I am still hanging tough. Day 2 of no T.V .....

Thanks for the visit Debo!