Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cheer Someone Up

Want to feel better - Instantly?

Call a friend in need and be a friend indeed.

Cheering someone else on and up always makes me feel better. Who can you call right now? Who could use a joke, some encouragement and affection? Whoever came to mind first, that's who you call. Lucky them.

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Adeline said...

Last week we had our Area Toastmasters Speech contest. The contestant from our group had worked hard and really, really wanted to win. She did not. I could feel her disappointment. The next morning I called to see if she was doing well. She sounded fine and stated that she doesn’t let disappointment hold her down. I was glad to hear she was doing better.
I should take a lesson from her. Sometimes I allow disappointments to hold me down and I obsess over what I could have done differently.
Cheering someone else may teach you a lesson in resilience.